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Name Distribution of the name Worsfold in the United Kingdom in the Nineteenth Century and before .

People with the surname Worsfold originally appear to have predominantly lived in the South of England

The International Genealogy Index (IGI) contains just over 1800 entries of Christenings in the 17th,  18th and 19th centuries for the name Worsfold and variants.

Of these 1300 occur in Surrey (69 %),  just over 350 in Sussex (18 %) and the only other large  concentration is 120 in the London area (6.5 %).    These events took place between the mid sixteenth century and the early 1800s

Civil Registration in England and Wales commenced on the 1st July 1837 and in the first 50 years of registration,  there were 1350 children registered with the surname Worsfold or variations thereof.

It is not always clear if these variations are the actual names used by the registrants, or misunderstandings on the part of registrars.  However the consistency of the name Worsfield in Brighton, where there were 25 registrations of that spelling indicates that this must have been the spelling in use by a family in that area of Sussex.

The distribution of births as registered continues the pattern  of the IGI events with  608 in Surrey (45 %) Sussex ,237 (17 %) and the inevitable increase in London  to 347 (25%)
Within these areas, the largest concentrations were,  198 for Dorking, 99 for Guildford and 97 for Reigate in Surrey, 103 entries for Horsham in  Sussex with Wandsworth, (54) Lambeth (26) Whitechapel (24), Hackney (26) in London.

Ed McKie

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