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Stray Certificates 

Doreen Morgan has the following Certificates: 
Original birth certificate of a Richard Worsfold, son of Richard Worsfold, born Oct 27th, 1855 in the Registration District of Reigate, subdistrict of Horley, County of Surrey - 
Birth Certificate for: 
Sarah Wosfold born July 21st, 1857 at 3 North Street Christ Church. 
Daughter of 
William Bothwell Wosfold and Amy Wosfold formerly Mann. 

Ed McKie has: 
Death Certificate for Rebecca Worsfold wife George Worsfold , Horse keeper who died 21st December 1854 in the City of London. 

Marriage Certificate of William Worsfold and Sarah Hacon.  Married May 10 1856  married in St. John Waterloo, Lambeth, Surrey.  Parents William Worsfold, Bookbinder and Thomas Hacon , Carpenter.  Witnesses- John Batson and Elizabeth Worsfold. 

Al Worsfold has a  spare certificate of birth for George Worsfold, born 23 Apr 1843 and registered 18 May 1843, in the registration district of Guildford, in the Parish of of West Clandon to Richard and Jane
(nee Fuller) Worsfold.
      It will be my pleasure to send it on to anyone who recognizes that it has a connection to their family.
Robert & Yvone Worsfold  have 3 spare certificates,
A birth of Walter Worsfold born 15/02/1878 West St, Riegate to Thomas and Mercy
formally Freeman.
Death certificates for Thomas and Mercy,
Mercy died 13/11/1912 aged 54 in Riegate.
Thomas died 23/12/1912 also aged 54 in Riegate.

If any one has use for these they are welcome.


Do you have stray certificates you would like add to this  list ?? 

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