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and the IGI

Ed McKie has extracted well over 3000 entries from the St.  Catherines House Index,( as it used to be called.)
Births complete 1837-1896 others not so complete. 

They have been compressed into a zipped file, which when opened can be read with most database programmes like MS Works, Excel etc. 

Another file has been  produced which combines the above mentioned GRO entries with the Worsfold/Worsfield entries from the IGI. 
This provides an interesting and perhaps useful tool for comparing the registration entries from 1837 with the baptisms from that period.

 If you would like a copy, please email me at and I will send it. 

However I will only provide these files to those who will show to me that they are carrying out their own family history research.  In the past I have received requests from people unwilling to indicate their reasons for wanting copies- so I have not complied.  I am willing to SHARE the results of my work- I am not going to just give it. This file has probably lost much of its usefulness with the advent of Freebmd and the availibility of the IGI on Nevertheless as a direct relationship between the two for the period 1837-1900 some researchers may find it amusing.


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